Sunday, September 30, 2007

Looking For A Prince

I love a very Romantic ,passionate ,honest, sincere and no problem expressing his feelings.
That is the kind of Prince I want, can that be possible! Love to hear from you.. Maybe I be what your looking fore. If you believe in Angel that is me !!!!! . Goodness you will never know on less …… you E-mail me angel: Hey Guys wow !!

Don"t write if you are not my prince....Because .... I be the puffed up lady ,but very kind and sensitive, pleasant and considerate. also like someone who love music, movies , and dancing.


mi despertar said...


Adolfo Calatayu said...

Me gusta mucho todo tu blog,incluídas las ilustraciones que acompañan cada post.
Gracias por visitar el mío,nos estamos escribiendo.

ElPoeta said...

I wonder if you'll answer the e-mails of the people who answer your request... Un beso,

NancyQ said...

Hello beautiful angel, i found you in Marlon's blog, i read your blog and i loved it!
If you don't mind, I will come back.
Have a great day =)

Rianna said...

Great work.