Sunday, September 30, 2007

Looking For A Prince

I love a very Romantic ,passionate ,honest, sincere and no problem expressing his feelings.
That is the kind of Prince I want, can that be possible! Love to hear from you.. Maybe I be what your looking fore. If you believe in Angel that is me !!!!! . Goodness you will never know on less …… you E-mail me angel: Hey Guys wow !!

Don"t write if you are not my prince....Because .... I be the puffed up lady ,but very kind and sensitive, pleasant and considerate. also like someone who love music, movies , and dancing.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007


It"s so beautiful to have good friends...... I have a warm and friendly feeling To think in all of you today, and everyday I wish that we could visit more..... more & more , But you all are to many miles away. But we are special , But we always together the distance will never separated us ,and yet our emails bring us near; Through the miles we share a beautiful friendship that"s become to me most dear. Still, your face I need to see For your soul shines through the words Every time you write to me. This is to all of you Dear Friends . The Angel with Wing.......

que pasó en mi vida

Todo comenzó una tarde de verano, lo conocí en el internet.Nos vimos esa misma noche e hicimos el amor.Sus besos, su volvieron boca piel, me calentó...Sentí ,volví a estar viva... y al final de la noche perdí las alas con tu pasión

Monday, September 24, 2007

Passionate, Romantic

As someone with high self-confidence,I feel quite comfortable interacting with Indeed
other people.
I find the company of other very stimulating and enjoy meeting new people. I relaxed demeanor in groups makes people around me comfortable too. Perhaps because I feel good

talking about myself, others tend to enjoy being around me .As someone who respects family values. I will give everything I got in relationship , I was married 36 years , and let me tell you ! I he is out of my life for six years ..... I"am very happy now, gudgment day is here !

A new approach of life . I"m very passionate, romantic and I want that in my relationship , can that be possible?